Tuesday, December 12, 2006

I'll Be Home For Christmas

While living in Guyana I’ve definitely relearned the importance of appreciating everything you have. Before I came here there were many things that I took for granted, like dropping off my laundry. There were also some things I didn’t have that Guyana could offer, like the opportunity to feed a baby sloth.

A while ago I made a list of things to do before I die. While not all of these things were on it, I can definitely check off the following for 2006:

- Climb up a waterfall- check.
- Begin to understand Creolese- check.
- Learn how to be more patient and resilient- check.
- Not get malaria or typhoid- check.
- Teach a class of 200 screaming children- check.
- Get on a cooking show- check.
- Learn how to survive without running water- check.

Even with the abundance of new experiences here, there were still some days when I asked myself, “Where the hell am I?” During those times I would just close my eyes and go to my “happy place,” which was the most luxurious place I could think of: I could take a shower with warm, clean water. Then I could jump in a nice fluffy bed and snuggle under the covers because it was actually that cold. The thought of that now even makes me feel a little indulgent.

Well for Christmas my wish is coming true. I’ll be coming home to Texas, after making a stop in Brazil. I may have one more post depending on my internet accessibility, then the blog will be going on hiatus until I return in the beginning of January.

So, If you would like to see a fatter, tree hugger version of the Yvonne, email me. My old cell phone is still being used by someone else.


wawa said...

have a merry christmas filled with warm bubble baths, a congested galleria, chinese food, and family/friends. it's good to have you back.

odette said...

coming back to texas?! when will you be in?!!

jenn said...

hi yvonne i miss u! was in ny with jacie last weekend. sad u werent there still

stinkylin said...

please give us a call when you get in, we all want to hear your stories