Saturday, March 24, 2007

Almost a New Term-inology

It’s nearing the end of the term, which means it’s time for tests again. If these tests were scored based on creative or amusing definitions and answers, my students would definitely have gotten higher marks. Here are a few answers that make grading my humongous stack of 200 tests, 200 notebooks, and 50 reports a more enjoyable task.

Question: What does the term “mores” mean?
Student’s Answer: When you have more than one
Student’s Answer: You are working somewhere you don’t have enogh money you ask for more
Student’s Answer: A moran is good behaviour

Question: Give an example of a norm.
Student’s Answer: do not speak if you are spooking to
Student’s Answer: I put Mashramani for folkway
Student’s Answer: porfect condock

Question: What is one way trade unions can protest for change?
Student’s Answer: Buy running away
Student’s Answer: Trade union can protest by writing on a cardboard and go on the road march
Student’s Answer: When you is in Guyana and Guyana water is not pure and Englion water is pure you go to Englion

Question: Why do workers join trade unions?
Student’s Answer: because they want food and clowdin (clothing)
Student’s Answer: because the work very hard for libbet (little bit) money
Student’s Answer: Workers join trade unions is to get money to that they can eat.
Student’s Answer: becouse they not Eduction
Student’s Answer: workers join trade unions because the want the goods to trade for something else or because when the did not have something the could trade it for a nother.

Question: When writing an essay, what is the purpose of paragraphs?
Student’s Answer: a purpose of a essay is dat when you dowet (do it) you get marks
Student’s Answer: The purpose of paragraphs is make sure you don’t get mix up with the other won and it help you keep a distance
Student’s Answer: Paragraph is a relgus holiday

Question: Name three household pests. (Taken from the Home Economics test)
Student’s Answer: flies, roaches and children


Princess Jibi said...

thanks so much for posting this one..
Makes me miss marking papers...

Jessica said...

I should be studying. This motivates me.