Monday, August 14, 2006

Gold Digger

I had originally started a post about my new found love of nature and all the quality time I've been spending with it lately. But after reading it over, I sounded too much like a hippie so I decided to write about something more interesting: how to be a gold digger in Guyana.

Apparently at the bottom of the river, there are specs of gold that divers scoop up. These specs are no larger than a grain of sand. They use mercury to meld it together then extract the mercury and out comes a lump of gold. The river is 270 feet deep so being a gold digger is dangerous, but not a bad way to supplement a teacher's salary.

ps- My camera got wet so you'll have to wait for more pics. (sorry Mom!)

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stinkylin said...

i am learning how to scuba dive. but it is not recommended for me to go beyond 130ft. your gold specks will have to wait until i get a more advance scuba certification.