Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Learning English in English

Whoever said that people in Guyana speak English was tricking me. They speak a form of English called Creolese and I don't understand a single word any local has said. I'm not sure how teaching these kids are going to go because I'm going to spend all period just trying to figure out their question. I might need a English to English translator to follow me around everywhere I go.

The British really left their mark here since they spell everything weird that I almost feel like I'm learning a new language. Tires is tyres, color is colour, center is centre.

Here's a quick lesson in the Guyanese English language:

- Just Now: In a minute, in an hour, in a week, in a year, or any indeterminate amount of time. I'll return your book just now.

- When School is closed: Summer break since all seasons are summer here.
What did you do when school was closed?

- What are you using: Can I get you a drink?
Hey Chinese girl, what are you using?

- Where is your face?: How come you're not wearing any make-up?
Miss, where is your face?

Everyone here also drives on the wrong side of the road.


stinkylin said...

i show up to work without my face. often times, it takes me forever to get ready to go out bc i have to put my face on. true story.

another mosquito repellent i learned from watching animal planet was that lemurs pick up millipedes and bite into them. the millipedes squirt out cyanide which the lemurs use as a natural mosquite repellent. marshall and i think you should squirt some millipede juice on your body.

as always...waiting for your next posting. take care. oh, i guess your bday just passed so happy belated!!

Anonymous said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! miss you much. Hope all is well. Take care!!

luv you!!

Anonymous said...

happy birthday!!! =)

you always tell very interesting stories. can't wait to see your next posting w/pics, not the ones i draw w/crayons. miss you! <3 f

Robin said...

Interesting blog! I'll have to run around clutching my head and yelling, "Where's my face?!" tomorrow morning. Should scare the kids quite nicely. :~)

Thanks for the blog. I bet the English to English translation will fall into place sooner than you think.

brian said...

happy birthday! I could be off by a few days...