Friday, January 19, 2007

Clean Start

Since it's the beginning of the new year, the students had to clean up the school. Nobody taught on Friday while the students changed from their school uniforms to regular clothes and scrubbed the school down.

(l) One of the many landfills behind the school
(r) The toilets at school. They don't have doors on them. I'm sure this would violate so many health codes in the US.

(l) Form 1 student closing the window so he can clean the back of it
(r) Form 4 student washing the walls

(l) Form 4 student climbing on top on the wall to clean the ceiling
(r) Two Form 1 students confiding in each other while sitting on broken furniture


tone said...

hey yvonne, i just started to read your blog. i didnt know you were a taxi driver either. hope since we last spoke you are not cooking. if you are, make sure you have an apron, gloves, and a fire extinguisher. i wonder if patty is cooking too... i havent spoken to her in a while

bakannal said...

hello there. maybe you should mail the fotos to the education ministry.

Anonymous said...

I've been reading your blog and you seem to resent being in Guyana and lots of things there. I am sure that it must be a reality check for you in so many ways.

Here's my question - why are you there? Are you a volunteer? Are you on a contract or something?

As a teacher myself, I appreciate the comments you made about the moments that you hold on to as to why you do what you are doing, teaching that is. However, you seem bitter about the place. You seem to abhor the people, their way of life and everything that they stand for. To use words as civilization as you referred to your trip back home to Texas speaks volume, moreso about you as a person. And I don't mean that it does so in a pleasant way.

Princess Jibi said...

wow... the toilets are bad, our primary school made concrete toilets, like how the normally would make the wood ones. no one has broken that yet...

George said...

This has been some funny stuff. Never mind anonymous who cant read well enough to figure out you're a volunteer. All the posts here are a true reflection of life in Guyana, and its quite amusing to see ourselves through the eyes of an American. Good luck with the rest of your stint and thank you for your service to Guyana. I'm sure by now that you realise that in the eyes of guyanese you are a chinee and not an American.

EE said...

Yvonne, the pictures of the kids are beautiful! Keep up the good work.