Sunday, January 14, 2007

Picture Perfect

Blogger's Note: I'm back to two posts this week. Enjoy.
Over the holiday, I got the perfect Christmas present from my parents. They gave me a new camera to replace the one I spilled my Nalgene all over. Yay! Here’s a compilation of a few pictures (recent, not recent, and not mine) to celebrate the addition of pictures to my blog.

We made a day trip to Parika to visit the market last Saturday. Of course the market ended up being closed, so we just hung out by the river.

For the Parika trip, we had to cross the river by speedboat, as seen here.

The Guyanese clothes dryer: wind. This picture is old.

This picture isn’t mine. Jon, a fellow volunteer living in another region, took it. This is basically his back yard in Mabaruma. Beautiful.

But I’m not that jealous because this is how you grade papers with no electricity. Note the nice empty bottle of rum on Molly’s desk, which is a necessity when you have to work in the dark. Again the photo credit goes to Jon.

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Anonymous said...

Since you are ignoring my emails, I shall have to post on your blog. Skiing sometime in February? Wait, nope, you're stuck in Guyana. You can pretend to ski... or go to Chile!