Thursday, June 14, 2007


Guyana boasts some of the most notable ecological attractions on this planet. I recently made a trip out to Kaietuer Falls to witness some of the wonders for myself. Here’s what you can expect at this scenic National Park: a bunch of superlatives that could easily make its way into my Reading lesson …

(Can’t take any of the photo credits. My pictures don’t quite do it justice.)

Tallest waterfall ever. It measures 741 feet and is the world highest single drop fall. To put it into perspective it’s about 129 Nate Robinsons stacked on top of each other. It’s quite breathtaking to witness the rush of glistening red wine water flood over the edge and quite soothing to hear the steady beat of the cascading water.

Oldest rocks ever. Some of the world’s oldest exposed rocks are found here.

Smallest frog ever. The golden frog is the size of your pinky and is the world’s tiniest. It spends its entire life living in this plant. But I guess if you’re that small you really don’t want to travel that far. Makes sense.

Least reliable form of transportation ever. Both our flights in and out were canceled due to rain. Luckily I’ve been living in Guyana and no longer have an urgent sense of time.

Most lethal snake ever….or at least that’s how I felt when I was 6 inches away from it

Bluest butterflies ever. Well I’m not sure that they're actually the bluest, but they’re pretty blue and strikingly radiant against a backdrop of neutral browns and greens.

Brightest rainbows ever. Again this one is just an opinion, but these little gems rarely get observed by the typical city dweller.

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