Saturday, June 23, 2007

Insults Come Complimentary

Praise and compliments aren’t given out freely here as they are in the States. This coupled with the fact that the Guyanese speak with candor and a bit of abrasiveness often makes me wonder if this is their way of doling out compliments. Usually flattery comes coupled with an insult… or their insults might include a compliment. I’m not quite sure which it is. One thing’s for certain: it’s given out quite freely, but you always seem to be paying for it.

Here are a few examples to illustrate my point…

At the doctor’s office

Me: Hi, good morning. You look very nice today.
Doctor: Hello. And you look… the same.
At school

Student: Miss, when I have a wife one day, I don’t want her to be more fat than you.

Walking on the street

Security Guard: Hey Chinee girl. I want to make babies and fried rice with you.

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Anonymous said...

hey yvonne ...its jesse...y r u coming back in august....i wanna talk 2 u....ask for me next time u call.