Monday, July 31, 2006

Coming to (South) America

I bought a guidebook to South America. I was actually looking for one specific to Guyana, but those books don’t exist. The wealthier neighboring countries always overshadow the less prosperous trifecta: Guyana, Suriname, and French Guiana. Even in the so-called comprehensive guidebooks on the continent. In fact, Guyana is a beautiful country with lush rainforests, many of which have been untouched by human destruction. When was the last time you stood somewhere that wasn’t already plowed, abused, or fabricated by mankind? Do I sound like a hippie yet? Let's go hug a tree.


The only form of telecommunication available for my use in Guyana is two cans strung together by fishing wire. That being said, I’m giving my phone to my cousin’s girlfriend to use. Her name is also Yvonne, but she doesn’t speak English. For those who might be compelled to call my cell when you’re drunk telling me how wonderful running water and washing machines are, please refrain from doing so. I already know that stuff is great. So go ahead and do the three of us a favor and temporarily delete my number from your phone book.


I made a top ten list of things I’m going to miss this year. I had pics but blogger isn't cooperating, so you'll have to enjoy this without visuals. Everyone please consume massive quantities of everything below. Just don’t tell me about it.

10. Picking out pretty colors for manicures and pedicures.
9. Watching college football and Brady Quinn. (Don’t worry, I’m still a Texas fan.)
8. Sending text messages.
7. Bacon.
6. Viewing my 3 quality TV programs: Grey’s Anatomy, Lost and Project Runway.
Will someone download and send them to me? Except for Lost…watching it while in the jungle creeps me out and I would have to make my roommate hold my hand everywhere we go. We’re not that close yet.
5. Sipping Starbucks frappuccinos.
4. Reading my daily dose of celebrity gossip.
3. Cupcakes, cookies, ice cream, basically sugar in general. (They have sugar there, but it won’t be the same.)
2. Enjoying the luxury of air conditioning.
1. Being able to easily contact friends and family.

Did #1 make you feel a little fuzzy inside? I hope so. Thanks everyone for all your kind gestures and sentiments. I’ll miss you all!

Blogger’s note: There may be a lag between posts depending on how easily it will be for me to get online. Please keep checking for updates… the exciting ones start after this.


stinkylin said...

you should shave your head to save yourself from contracting lice and lyme disease from ticks.

brian F said...

found you through yummy yenny...take care Yvonne, we miss you!

Anonymous said...

can pony express deliver canned starbucks coffee? i'll d/l your favorite shows and send them to you. as to "lost," i'll watch the entire season 3 w/you after you get back. the guyanese are friendly people and there shouldnt be black smoke in the jungle.... take care & good luck! <3 f

Anonymous said...

i miss you already.... :(

sending you love from finland

yummy said...

are you there yet?