Friday, July 21, 2006

Sealed With a Kiss

Living in Guyana can sometimes be similiar to living in the US. Actually, you may be surprised at some of the similiarities between the two countries. I've taken the time to find the top three things in common and have outlined them for you below in no particular order.

1. Both are English speaking countries with influences from Great Britain.

2. Both countries have an eye for beauty. Behold Miss Guyana 2006. Now quickly scroll down before your boss walks by and thinks you're checking out pictures not suitable for work instead of typing your report that's due tomorrow.

3. Both US President Bush and Guyana Prime Minister Hinds aimed to improve the governmental postal system and sought to ensure that our ebay packages keep arriving.

Official US statement regarding postal service:
Executive Order: President's Commission on the United States Postal Service
Sec. 3. Mission. (a) The mission of the Commission shall be to examine the state of the United States Postal Service, and to prepare and submit to the President a report articulating a proposed vision for the future of the United States Postal Service and recommending the legislative and administrative reforms needed to ensure the viability of postal services.
- United States Executive Branch website ( made on 12/11/02
Official Guyana statement regarding postal service:
Two spanking new post offices have been recommissioned in less than 24 hours by the Guyana Post Office Corporation (GPOC). Mr. Hinds noted that from time to time he would pass the Soesdyke Post Office and observed that it had become a real eyesore and something needed to be done.

- Guyana Government Information Agency website ( made on 10/15/04
Moral of the story: If you don't get a holiday card from me this year, it's not my fault. However, for those of you who would like to write or send cartons of febreeze or cupcakes, please address your packages to:

Lot B Over Head Tank Street
Soesdyke, East Bank Demerara
Please note: It is a good idea to write the continent on your envelope/package as oftentimes people mistake Guyana to be in Africa. It is not.


yummy said...

i'm going to miss you. now i'll have another blog to read at work. i hope they don't block you.

can't wait to eat our last meal together tonight. BBQ.. YUMMY!!!!!

jenny said...

is that your real address? kind of long. I cant wait to see you on sunday!!! we are going to party!!!

stinkylin said...

i dunno why you even give an address. all your parcels are going to be dumped out of an airplant with a parachute billowing behind it. you should just put a large X on the ground so planes know where to make the drop.

Pauline said...

yvonne!!! i can't believe i'm just barely missing you in houston. i'm in dallas now and will come down after the weekend. good luck in guyana...i actually did get it confused with ghana. hehehe...oops!!! i'll be back in the states in a year too, so we can swap stories about our adventures then....promise? are you going back to nyc after or doing something else?