Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sports Complex-ities

Sports Week commenced on Monday with absolutely no teaching or learning. The school was divided into 3 houses named after past Headmasters: Jacobs House, Williams House, and Vickery House. Each House included students from all five forms competing for the school title, just like in Harry Potter. We even have prefects that monitor the students on a regular basis, just like Harry Potter. The only difference is instead of walking around waving wands at each other, the students here walk around whipping rags at each other.

On Friday we had the Inter-House Championship Games. The entire day was completely disorganized, much like the former part of the week. The opening ceremony kicked off with the students grouped by house lined up behind a banner marching to the beat of “Who will win? [Insert house affiliation here]!” It was the most school spirit I had seen from these students. I almost didn’t recognize these kids they were so behaved and obedient. Kids can be so complex.

The track events began with the 1500 meter boys race. Students were running barefoot out in the hot sand track. Apparently having clean shoes is more important than stepping on rocks and cutting your foot open or getting chiggers or hepatitis. A few students started the first lap then gave up and started walking. Another few ran for two laps, then off into the bleachers. I asked a student from my house why ran off the track. He candidly replied that the sand was too hot for his feet so he didn’t feel like running anymore.

It made me so proud seeing my students run like little speedracers and so pleased to see the accomplished looks on their faces after winning. Some of these kids have such great athletic ability, but I guess they’ve also had plenty of practice running away from me whenever I call for them.

True to the Guyanese misunderstanding of time, Sports Week is scheduled to continue next week with field events.

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stinkylin said...

hmm, black people who can run fast. there is no such thing. onward with your mythical stories :)