Friday, October 27, 2006

Ping Pong Conversations

Blogger's Note: So I usually don't do this, but I wanted to say Happy Birthday to William! William is a friendly guy who owns the internet cafe I frequent here in town. If it wasn't for William and his wonderful Oasis, you wouldn't be reading this. Thanks William for installing air conditioning and Happy Birthday!

I’ve noticed that the Guyanese can be very ambiguous when speaking. Most of the time you’re not going to get the straight answer you were hoping for, which means a bit of a back and forth between both parties.

Ordering Food:
Me: What’s “C-pon” on your menu?
Snack Lady: That’s Cassava Pone
Me: Oh. What’s a Cassava Pone?
Snack Lady: It’s a pone made from cassava.

Ordering Drinks:
Thirsty Volunteer: Do you have Sprite?
Snack Lady: No
Volunteer: Oh, I really wanted Sprite. Do you have Diet Coke?
Snack Lady: No
Volunteer: What do you have?
Snack Lady lists 2-3 Guyanese soft drinks. Volunteer takes a minute to decide while trying to look behind the snack lady to see her options.
Volunteer: Wait. Is that 7-up back there?
Snack Lady: Yes. I have 7-up. Do you want that?

Getting Directions:
Me [sitting in the library chatting with students]: Where do you live?
Student #1 [without pointing or giving any kind of indication of direction]: Over so.
Me: Where?
Student #1: [points left]
Me [turning to the next student]: I see. And where do you live?
Student #2: [points right] Over so.

Getting More Directions:
Me: Where is Providence?
Guyanese Teacher: Near the police station.
Me: Where is the police station?
Guyanese Teacher: In Providence

Giving Directions:
Riding along the mini-bus I often look out the window to see that Guyana is predominately rainforest.
Passenger: Driver, please stop at the big tree.


Will said...

Yea - People named William are like the best thing on the planet. Here's what I learned while in Houston:
1 - Fire ants don't like it when you step on their mound.
2- Fire ants really don't like it when you pour some Shiner Bock on them and tap them with a golf club.
3 - Fire ants really-really don't like it when after provoked, you step on their mound, fullfilling a dare by locals.
4 - Fire ants hurt...kind of bad.

stinkylin said...

hi yvonne. i was watching sex in the city and carrie was wearing cute sleeveless shirt with a cupcake on it and i thought of you bc i know you like cupcakes. take care! miss you!

Princess Jibi said...

this is so funny... the best laugh I have had in a long long time..