Friday, November 03, 2006

No Write Answers

I recently gave a mid-term test to my 8th graders about population and human resources. Of course many of them couldn’t write or spell something comprehensible. I think I may have them draw their answers on the next test. For the few that could write, these were some of the answers I got.

Question: Define human resources.
Correct Answer: The physical power and mental ability of the people
Student’s Answer: Human resourcs are people who are human resourcs.
Student’s Answer: Human resources are the thinks around you want you canot see
Student’s Answer: I am blak and you are wite so I am mo rich den you.

Question: What natural physical feature causes Guyana to be sparsely populated?
Correct Answer: The Rainforest
Student’s Answer: Me makes Guyanana density
Student’s Answer: All the killings
Student’s Answer: The chine (Chinese)
Student’s Answer: Because some of the people are black.

Question: What are two ways a population can grow?
Correct Answer: Through births or immigration
Student’s Answer: Talking to somebody and makeing frieinds
Student’s Answer: By people and trees
Student’s Answer: Two ways tha we can grow a population is by working together and plant

What three ethnic groups were brought to Guyana as indentured laborers?
Correct Answer: Portuguese, East Indians, Chinese
Student’s Answer: Indenmdent (Independence Day), May Day, and Laber Day

Question: What area in Guyana do the Amerindians mainly live?
Correct Answer: The interior
Student’s Answer: They live in Amerindia


stinkylin said...

haha, black people are better than you. that is TOO funny. now you frown and hang your head in shame.

Anonymous said...

According to the CIA - The World Factbook, literacy in Guyana is defined as age 15 and over and has ever attended school. Using this definition, 98.8% of the Guyanese population is "literate".

Now, compare that to the definition of literacy in the USA, age 15 and over and can read and write. Using this definition, 99% of the population of the USA is "literate".

Now here's some food for thought... the CIA World Fact Book actually only utilizes 2 definitions of literacy, where eitehr age xx can read and write or age xx has EVER attended school. It appears that the latter is only used when the former is an embarassingly LOW number for the country. I.E. if you defined literacy in Guyana as age 15 and can read and write, I'm sure you'll have to count the population in basis points... (a basis point is 1/100 of 1%). Further evidence of this is Sierra Leone has literacy defined as age 15 and can read and write, with a dismal 29.6% of the population being literate, but their literacy rate under this definition must be far greater than Guyana's literacy rate with this definition. I mean come on, it's Sierra Leone! (Blood Diamonds, like from the Kanye hook, the 007 movie, Lord of War, you all know what I'm talking about).

So in conclusion... you should tell your students what the world thinks of them and that they should better step to learning or start playing sports or selling drugs... just like "blaks" in the US!

yana said...

Anonymous she teaches at a community high school so these students don't represent the majority of people in Guyana.And you should know that most of you Americans are illiterate and have these problems with reading so don't degrade my country please. White people sell crack too dear.