Saturday, November 25, 2006

School Pictures

My roommate’s family came to visit us recently. Nevermind that we didn’t have running water the entire time they were here, they still had a blast. Even better was that her mother brought her a camera so now I have some pictures to share. Enjoy.

This is Mother Pie, who sells snacks across the street from the school. She just poured Sprite into a plastic bag- that’s how they sell and drink it here. Mother Pie also likes to throw around the F-word in front of the children.

The school children are so precious. This is Troy from Form 2. Anyone want to adopt him? He always helps us sweep up the library. Actually we never sweep, we make the school children do it. We have a morning and afternoon cleaning rotation and the children have to be the janitors.

Meet some members of the football team (soccer). John, the kid in the middle, loves Beckham and carries a picture of him on his belt everywhere he goes.

The Form 5 boys sit 3 to a bench in class. Only Form 5 students get to wear ties. These are the class prefects- yes, just like in Harry Potter. Except they don’t set such a good example because they go around writing their names on the walls of the school building.


Princess Jibi said...

I just love your blog... its so funny... it makes me miss home... Hope you dont mind if I link to ya... And this post is great... am going to post this on my blog too and link to it of course..

stinkylin said...

hi yvonne, ive caught up with your blogs. good stories. mother pie doesnt sound very child friendly.