Saturday, November 25, 2006

You've Got Mail

Recently we did a pen pal exchange with some 8th graders from the U.S. Since 8th graders in the U.S. write at a much higher level than the ones here, we took the brightest classes and asked them to respond. All the children were really excited to be writing to someone in the States and immediately wrote “I love you” in the center of big red hearts, including the boys. It was best friends forever in the making. Here are a few examples of the beginnings of a new found friendship:

Dear Best Friend,

My name is [student] I am a 12 year old and I am a boy. The instrument I would like to ploy is the drums we have tress and Animals some of the trees we have is coconut, oworer and Jamoon. Some of the Animol we have are snack, Donkey. I love to do moth what is your subject. I con speak Sponish. I am 12 year old. When are you writing the letter please send your oddress and your telephone number. My telephone xxx-xxxx. All you have to do is this 011-592-xxx-xxxx. Call me as soon as possible.

Your new best friend,

P.S. My name is [student] a.k.a. Juicy Big. I will be sending a Crismos card for you with my photo of me. Please send a card for me of your. Do you believe in Jesus. Tell me in your next letter. Are you Cristton yes or no? Bye.

Dear Jecquine,

Hello, and how are you? My name is [student] and I am 12 years old. I live in Guyana. ! was born and raised here. It’s kind of crazy here too because in Georgetown buses on the park comes there to drop off passingers and collect other passingers and theres a lot of pushing and wildness when you get there. So let me tell you about myself. The school I attend is Soesdyke Community High School. At our school we have half day everyday because our school is overcrowded with children. My favourite subject is maths and English. I have six animals five dogs one kitten. My favourite hobbies are playing games with my cosins, swimming with my family, climing trees whit my cosins and playing hide and seek with them. We have as much stuff as you have in the United States. Thank you for writing me.

Sincerely your new best friend,


Dear Student,

How are you. as for me I am fine. I have black and white eyes and black hiere and I have fear skin and I wear black boots [sneakers] and black socks and I wear green shirt and white vest [tank top] and cakey [khaki] pants. My father works a weedieg muchen [weeding machine] and my mother like to cook everyday. My father like to weed everyday. I like to play football and cricket and I like frie rice and macoronie. I love to play every night. My father like to weed every night.

Dear Jack,

My name is [student]. I am a boy. I am 11 years old. In Guyana it have a lot of water a 2 waterfals it has a rainforis and a lot of animals like lion, snakes, monkeys, fish, shark and wimon. My favorite game is cricket. I no you dont now what is cricket does play with a ball, a bat, and two, wicket and I look after a farm I mine docks, chick, pigs and sheeps, I would like for you to come to Guyana and sea. Call me and you would no more about mor. Tel xxx-xxxx. Friend Good by.



Princess Jibi said...

this is so funny lol... it makes me miss my students... I use to have some good laughs from them...
I remember I spend all week teaching them Nouns.. then I asked one of them what is a noun??
She said a verb...

Teaching is so much fun.. I love children...

Anonymous said...

it's hard to pretend to work when you're laughing out loud at your desk. thanks yvonne...