Friday, November 10, 2006

Animal House

Blogger's Note: My camera has been out of commission since Orientation when I allowed my Nalgene to leak all over it. (And it’s people like me that are responsible for educating the youth of Guyana.) However, I have been able to collect a few pictures from other volunteers, so here is a rare post with pictures. Enjoy.

Unfortunately there will be no posts about monkeys breaking in my house and eating my food, but that is not to say there are a lack of animals and insects around my accommodation. Here is a list of a few unwelcome creatures that have decided to live with us, sorted by “Non-Terrorizing Creatures” and “Terrorizing Creatures”

Non-Terrorizing Creatures
Armies of Ants and Flies
Where to be found: Crawling or flying around our kitchen, over countertops, and on our food. The amount in our kitchen alone rival the total amount currently living in the state of Texas.

Where to be found: On my bed, out of the tap we bathe from, in our fruits and almost in our bellies.

Where to be found: Crawling over the ceiling and often turning my pillow into its toilet. We’ve named him Ignatius.

Where to be found: Biting me

Live Creole Chicken
Where to be found: Brought over to our house by our neighbor. It was later stuffed into a rice bag and sealed shut. When questioned about the rice bag, the response was, “Because chicken goes with rice.”

Baby Sloth
Where to be found: Found on a tree and brought over to our house by our neighbor. I didn’t know what a sloth looked like until this point in my life.

I'm feeding Bam Bam delicious leaves. He ate more veggies that day than I did that week.

Where to be found: Flying in our house from outside and not leaving.

Terrorizing Creatures
Daddy Longlegs and other big scary spiders
Where to be found: Hanging out in the kitchen. Good thing I don’t have to compete with it for food.

Where to be found: Flying into our house and swooping around the living room. He doesn’t leave when you ask him to.


Where to be found: Flying around the house. One crawled on my foot and now I’m going to have to burn it and come back to the states with only one leg.

Wasps and Bees
Where to be found: Buzzing through the house terrorizing us.

Here's a picture of a monkey for all those eager to see one. I met Jack at an Amerindian village, and similiar to the school children, he doesn't listen to you unless you have food in your hand.

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