Saturday, November 18, 2006


You Know You Teach at a Community High in a Third World Country When…

10. The head of department calls you in Friday afternoon and tells you that final exams will be next week and you need to turn in your test on Monday.

9. Final exams occur three weeks before school is out. During the last two weeks the children will not be doing anything.

8. The children throw their garbage out the window from the second story.

7. A student declares that she is attending a “cowboy school” since the children are “lawless.”

6. It rained in the morning and therefore school had to close early because all the teachers and students decided to stay home.

5. There is a lack of furniture in all the classes. The Headmaster walks into a chaotic classroom and tries to get the children’s attention by shouting, “Those who can be sit need to be seated.”

4. There is seldom running water at school and during a staff meeting a teacher announces that our school is the town pissery.

3. The head of your department comes into the back area of the school where your classes are held, sees the pandemonium, turns to you and says, “I wouldn’t teach here,” then walks off.

2. When you reprimand a child for doing something inappropriate, another child hands you a whip and requests that you lash the disobedient one.

1. You hear a teacher yell, “Hello?! Who gave you permission to jump out the window?”

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odette said...

Haha...I read your whole blog...sounds so interesting!