Friday, November 03, 2006

Guy's Gone Wild

Once a year Guyana hosts GuyExpo, a huge exposition showcasing pretty much everything the country has to offer. Booths clustered under tents feature hand crafted products, eco-tourism education, furniture, electronics, and more. It’s a huge fair complete with booty-shaking concerts, exhilarating rides, fried foods, and booths giving away samples.

The exposition lasted 4 days and it was all anyone could talk about. I attended on Sunday with some volunteers, along with what seemed to be the rest of the country.

We walked around familiarizing ourselves with the grounds and snacking on free food along the way. At one crafter’s stand, we were looking at earrings made of out coconut shells and wood from the local trees. One of the volunteers had just purchased a pair and was showing me the intricate detailing, but couldn’t recall the name of the tree it originated from.

Volunteer: What tree is this?
Crafter: Dat’s five.
Volunteer: No, what tree did you say this is this from? Tree?
Crafter: Not tree hundred, dat’s five hundred.
Volunteer: Yes I know, I paid for it already. But what tree is made from?
Crafter: No, you pay five, not tree.

The back and forth continued a few more times before a Guyanese person said the word “tree” and the crafter understood our English.

The evening was spent eating delicious Guyanese food and drinks and enjoying the concert. By the time the exposition was over, there was a sea of empty beer bottles littered all over the grounds and obstructing the walkways. The remains of what looked like a landfill seemed more like artwork and evidence of a fabulously good time.


crystal said...

Yvonne!! Your posts are so hilarious and well written! You should write a book!! Anyways hope all is well and you are having a great time!

Anonymous said...

Spot on Guyana Banana!

You’ve managed to paint and insightful and witty way of looking at the reality of life in the third world. Glad you could be here for the experience at just the right time in your life. A perspective not too many North Americans can appreciate or understand.
Children are great. Tell us more about the teaching staff (locals). Again, thanks for suggesting a visit to Guyana Banana –Adventures in Guyana. I’ll certainly drop in for more as time permits. - Barz

Ps: Mental Flashback To - Ol’ guy at the table of four - Brazilian Churrascaria