Friday, November 10, 2006

Addressing the Situation

Last week there was a staff meeting at 10 am. I was informed about it at 10:04 am. There was a very grave problem and we had to convene during class time in order to address it. It was the 9th week of school and apparently we did not know how many students were enrolled at the Community High. The registers were a complete mess with some students listed in two different classes and some students missing registration numbers. Everything had to be redone, starting from decorating the cover.

This week I was flipping through a couple revised registers and I couldn’t help but notice the (correct) postal addresses of some of these students. Following Guyanese fashion, the students live in the vaguest areas in the country, some with only the name of the village listed. I’m not quite sure how the Postman delivers them mail. Here’s a few addresses taken directly from the registers:

Fire Station Area, [Village]
Squatting Area, [Village]
First Hill, [Highway]
12 Docks Area, [Village]
Public Road, [Village]
Back Road, [Village]
157 Prison Area, [Village]
Plot 3, [Village]

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Princess Jibi said...

lol I remember doing this... I had quiet a few students ask me if the can find out and let me know the next day... Some of them in grade 8 werent even sure of there date of births...