Friday, February 02, 2007

Cat Got Your Tongue

Blogger's Note: Sorry there wasn't a post last week. I came into town to use the internet only to find it was broken for the day. Here's the next two for your entertainment. Enjoy!

On Wednesday morning, there was a student who was being particularly mischievous. I told him that because of his inappropriate behavior, he was to stay in 5 minutes during break. Of course the second I turned my head to talk to another student, he brazenly ran out of class and wouldn’t come back even after I called for him. As punishment, I told him he was to look up the word “obey” in the dictionary since he clearly did not know what it meant and write it 100 times. I took the student to the library and after he put up a fight (by threatening to jump out the window), he finally opened the dictionary.

Student: The word not here Miss.
Me: Yes it is. Keep looking.

I glanced down to see where he had flipped to and the book was opened to the o-c section. I immediately realized that I had to give a quick dictionary and phonics lesson in order for this punishment to be effective. After explaining how the dictionary worked, I tried to then explain phonics to the student.

Me: Ok, you’re looking in the o-c section. You’re trying to look up the word “obey.” Where should you be looking?
Student: Me don’t know Miss
Me: O-bbbbbbbey. What letter comes next after O?
Student: Me don’t know Miss.
Me: Ok, well you’re in the o-c’s, right? You want to be in the o-b’s? B like ball. What sound does B make?
Student: bbbbbb
Me: Good. And what sound does C make?
Student: Chhhhh
Me: How about C like cat? Cccccccat. What sound does that make?
Student: Ssssssss
Me. Cccccccat.
Student: Shhhhhh
Me: Cccccccccat. What sound does ccccccccccat make?
Student: Meow.

As irritated as I was at his attitude and behavior in the morning, he did in fact answer the question correctly and I had to bite my tongue to keep from laughing.


Princess Jibi said...

lol thats so funny...
one of the hardest thing I have to do is learn my class to use a dictionary, I had to gave up and learn them how to order words alphabetically, it took them months to learn it, before I moved on back to the dictionary.
Mabye you should try that...

jenny said...


that was waay to funny!!

hope you are well, miss you dearly!!

April said...

FUNNY STUFF! i'm glad i emailed you...i love reading about your adventures. i hope we can keep in touch!!!