Friday, February 16, 2007

A Guyanese Valentine's Day

Blogger's Note: I won't be able to access internet next week, so there won't be a post until the week after next. To make up for the lack of a post next week, I added a few pictures to this one taken on Valentine's Day. Enjoy.


Valentine’s Day is the most widely observed and celebrated unofficial holiday in Guyana. On the 13th, my students told me that I had to wear red and white. I informed them that those colors were not present in my wardrobe, to which they responded, “Alright Miss. You white, so you can just wear red.” I felt quite special that they were willing to bend the rules for me.

On the 14th, true to the students’ notice, I walked into school to see the teachers in a jovial mood, dressed in a white top- red skirt uniform. One student approached me and asked, “Miss, you’re not wearing red and white. Do you not love anybody?” Several other students and teachers greeted me with hugs and kisses wishing me a Happy Valentine’s Day.

The students in Form 4 were to prepare a luncheon for the teachers as a grade for their Home Economics class. The classroom was transformed into a fancy restaurant complete with red and white curtains, white table cloths with red runners, and red flowers as centerpieces. The luncheon was a light-hearted event (no pun intended) with impressively appetizing food made by the class. It was supposed to start at 11:30, but began perfectly at 12:30- when lunch is to be over. Needless to say, all the teachers were being served and eating during afternoon classes and the children were left with unattended classes, making a few teachers wonder why we didn’t just call it a half-day.

I received homemade Valentines from some students throughout the day. A few were labeled: To Miss Yvome. One was labeled: To the nice teacher, others simply To Miss. It was a pleasant day to be teaching, one where students and teachers alike were by default in high spirits.

(l) The delicious meal they cooked: Caribbean rice, baked chicken, and salad. Dessert was red jello with pink and white ice cream.
(r) Form 4 student serving juice to the teachers. Don't they look sharp?

(l) Girl BFFs love each other
(r) Boys enjoying mangoes under a shady tree

(l) Boy BFFs have to act cool
(r) Making Valentines instead of writing their essays. That's the deal I made the students in exchange for good behavior that day.


april said...

yumm...your food looks tasty!

happy valentine's day!

Syd said...

Aww, that's the most adorable thing. My boyfriend is from Guyana. He's never told me about this kinda thing growing up...but then again we haven't had our first Valentine's Day yet :)